Prayers Answered…

I haven’t blogged lately…the reason? I have TOO much to say. With all of the happenings of late, there is just too much for me to discuss. Do I start with the fabulous Charlotte STYLE Magazine issue release party by the pool of the luxurious Ballantyne Hotel & Lodge…or the incredible NABFEME Charlotte/Amped 4-A-Cure Women Who Jam! concert …perhaps I discuss where I was and what I was doing when I got the tweet that The King of Pop was dead…and of course the shocking circumstances surrounding the murders of both Steve McNair and Arturo Gatti (crimes of passion on the rise?). It’s been a riveting, traumatic, exhausting and emotionally turbulent past 30 days. But hey, I’m still standing—with a smile.

As far as my clients go, I could not be happier.

Author/Poet Onika Pascal did her first feature and book signing in Brooklyn on June 29th, and according to my sources, worked magic on the crowd. As I mentioned earlier, Bridgette Wright, publisher/editorial director of Charlotte STYLE Magazine debuted the new cover of the summer issue at the magazine’s summer soiree, with all the bells and whistles (fashion show produced by theFASHION HOUSE with designer swimwear and jewelry sponsored by Tiffany & Co.). The soiree was also a resounding “success” as a fundraiser for Dress For Success Charlotte. 5th and York’s debut album release party for their latest project “Nascentum” was on June 20th and I have to say, my boys ROCKED the house. Special shout to Mr. Montayne Farrar for making the trip up all the way up from Atlanta to support us. I’m always appreciative of support when it comes. The planning for the Charlotte Literary Festival as well as the ongoing Change Event Series has been phenomenal. So far we have had appearances from Nikki Giovanni, Dr. Cornel West and Dick Gregory—all living legends in their own right. Also, my other clients are definitely making moves, most of which are top secret at the moment…HOPEFULLY they will give me the green light soon to be able to share what they have been up to.

On a personal note, things have been just as hectic and wonderful.

The women’s ministry of my church, Faith, Hope & Love Fellowship Worship Center organized our first “Legacy of Love” Celebration in remembrance of Pastor Carolyn Tyson-Colbert’s life. I even performed a dance solo that I choreographed myself to honor her memory. Apparently I did a good job because they want me to dance again…yeah, not sure about that one. I’m still sore; there may not be an encore performance, but we shall see—just don’t hold your breath.

My twin siblings, Angel and Akeem turn 21 on July 30th. Whoa is all I can say. I still remember them both crawling around wearing matching onesies barely able to pronounce “Meek Meek.” (OMG- did I just throw myself under the bus by sharing one of my family’s nicknames for me…great). I am planning the big blowout party of course. Should be fun, at least that is the goal.

Dealing with Father’s Day and Daddy’s birthday (July 3rd) was a HUGE reminder that Pop’s is no longer here in the physical realm. It does make me sad to know that I will never again get one of those big bear hugs or kisses on the forehead…or hearing Daddy’s incredibly bad jokes…or better yet, being lectured at length on entrepreneurship and how to continue to build my business model (not to mention the hour long discussions about marketing, advertising and investments). Daddy was challenging…he was cool…he was unique...he was far from perfect, but he was mine. It’s interesting that it takes his passing to realize that I was such a Daddy’s girl…hindsight is something, ain’t it?

I always try to pray for my friends and family on a daily basis. 1) Because I would want someone to care enough to pray for me and 2) I just love the people in my life so much that I want them to experience the intense joy that having God in my life has afforded me. Pray can ensure that…After my father died in February 2008, I prayed. I specifically asked God for one thing in particular…Out of all of my friends, clients and associates, please remove those individuals who are not supposed to be in my life and replace them with the people who are supposed to be there. My prayers were answered by the summer. I have no regrets, and I still love those unconditionally who are no longer in my life, but if my father’s death taught me one thing…I don’t have time to play around. Life, Love and Living is too important not to make the most out of each moment, every day.

I still have a lot going on and even more to say, but that will have to wait until another day.

"Creativity is a Drug I can't live without"


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