Oh What A Night! Well, weekend…

Clearly I am WAY behind on blog updates. Ridiculous, I know, but I’m trying. Really, I am. Needless to say, it has been a pretty darn busy fall. Now that it is official winter (well in a week or so), I can breathe a little and finish my strategic planning for 2010. If you thought that 2009 was busy for JSW Media Group, theFASHION HOUSE and Amped 4-A-Cure, then 2010 is going to simply blow your mind. (photo by Natasha Land from the Red Pump/Red Tie Affair Dec. 1st)

One would think that after conceptualizing, planning and executing one of the most fun holiday parties (The Red Pump/Red Tie Affair, click here for photos), I would have time to just “be.” No sir, not in this lifetime. But I can’t complain; as I have stated time and time again, I love what I do—and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I mean, who really needs more than four hours of sleep a night? Sleeping until 8 a.m. feels like a vacation considering I’m up grinding most mornings at 6 a.m. (unless, of course, that is when I’m finally able to call it a night).

Anyway, enough of my lament, here is what’s on tap for the weekend:

Tonight, I will be attending Uptown Magazine’s “Passport to Luxury” event at Southpark Mall. Totally excited that 5th and York will be performing. They always do a great job, so that will be fun. I may event take the time to relax a little. Who knows? LOL.

Tomorrow (Friday): I will probably make a couple of stops- On the Roxx in Ballantyne being one of them to support an after work networking event sponsored by Digital Divas. No cover, great people, always fun, plus it is near the day job. It’ll be an official girls’ night because I will most likely go with some of the chicas from the office. Not sure if I am in the “stay out all night and party mood” esp. since Saturday will be fairly busy.

Saturday: Big day indeed. Meetings in the morning and appointments in the afternoon (I will attempt to throw in some Christmas shopping as well). Then there is an Amped sponsored event that night--The Queen City Awards. That should be really interested and Amped 4-A-Cure is getting a portion of proceeds from the event. Using music for a cause—gotta love it!

Sunday: Mom is preaching for 4th Sunday fellowship at Faith, Hope and Love Fellowship Worship Center. Her service begins at 3 p.m. and usually lasts about an hour. Hit me up if you would like to attend. My mother is a powerful and passionate speaker.

So that’s my weekend in a nutshell. If you call and I don’t answer, I’m probably busyJ

On a completely unrelated note, I am confused about foursquare, I’m on it but not quite sure what I am doing. I am determined to master it though. Please let me know if you have any insight, I’m clueless at the moment.

Until Next Time…Peace & Blessings!

"Creativity is a Drug I can't live without"


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