Pet Peeves

It's been an unusually long and taxing day...and it's not even 10pm yet. Lord knows I don't shut it down until 3:00 a.m. so you know I'm bugging out right now. I can take more hours of's how the day started...8am-conference call (I'm already half sleep because I haven't had what my friend Champion likes to call liquid crack, I call it a Mocha Latte w/soy). 9am-breakfast meeting (I'm vegan and living in the South...what the heck am I going to eat at southern soul food restaurant???). 10-12 more meetings and conference calls...1-2:30 pm -choose models, find make up artist, confirm entertainment, replace trifling model, finalize monthly newsletter, 3pm-now -the regular gig...helped train new people, work on a couple of special projects, log on to the internet to let off some steam.

Okay so what I would like to know is what are some of y'all's biggest pet peeves in the business world. I have two: unreliable people and being ignored. I have been trying to touch base with a few people this week to no avail...without any acknowledgment that I have been trying to contact send business their way...freakin' amazing...and then I had to replace two unreliable models today for the soiree on next Friday...yes I repeat, next Friday. Then I had a makeup artist cancel on me...I NEED AN ASSISTANT...I already have one, but I put him to work as a writer...the other assistant wanted to model instead. I can't keep any assistants. Fortunately my publicist is still speaking to me, so I guess all is still good with the world. Just had to rant a little....hmmm, just thought of somewhere else to post this less than poetic gripe about business and leading a busy life.


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