One Man's Opinion (image courtesy of TLR Photography)

Yesterday was one of those days…tiring but productive. And I am always thankful for when I can wake up in the morning in my right mind, with the use of my limbs and knowing that God loves me. Every day seems like a step closer to salvation (take that however you want). This modeling game is crazy. I had an accomplished photographer give me some advice regarding my look. Essentially, he told me my packaging and marketing efforts sucked…that my look scares white middle America, and that’s one of the reasons why I am not with an agency or booking any substantial jobs. His one suggestion was for me to cut my hair to at least my shoulders and stop taking “hoochie” shots. Basically, he told me I was doing everything wrong. Fortunately, I have a thick skin…but it did get me to think, how do I really want to market myself? I have studied marketing and promotions extensively, yet I have not used those skills for my own benefit…I am working on getting it together. Things always work themselves out for the better.


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