Gone But Not Forgotten

It’s been a month since I posted something in this blog…a whole month…that’s not like me. There has been so much going on lately and so much running through my head that I haven’t been able to focus, much less sit down and pour my heart into this blog. However, since Chuck put me in his blog ring, I thought I may as well keep this thing up to date…just in case I get anyone actually interested in reading about my life. So, I guess I might as well get started:

The new site www.jameka-shamae.com is scheduled to launch May 1st. We’ll see, this project has been pushed back so many times that I am not sure if I even want to get my hopes up, but hey, stranger things have happened. Hey Javier, if you are reading this, did you ever finish my logo for the site, lol? I had a shoot scheduled this weekend that I had to grudgingly postpone, which sucks, but I would rather it be planned and on point than for me to shoot just to shoot. From now on, everything and I repeat, everything I do related to modeling has to have a purpose...

The Spring Issue of SOTAC will be out next week (God willing), and as always, the mag looks really good. Vashti (our Art Director) did a phenomenal job with the layout. Deb and I feel so blessed to have her on the team, even though we all get a bit stressed during prepress, all in all we respect each other and the hard work and creativity everyone brings to the table.

Skip to next topic…let’s just say this last month consisted of a make out session with someone I had no business making out with (fun, but I still had no business with him)…A very bad date with an egocentric, arrogant guy…and continued communication with an ex, who I think wants to rekindle the flames, much to my chagrin. Things are never easy in the dating game.

On a happier note, the official countdown has begun, I am going to celebrate my 3-0 in the Big Apple, surrounded by good friends. I am so excited about this trip because I get to be away from my job and other responsibilities for an entire week…I have two shoots scheduled, so I hope I get some good stuff for my print book, screw the online portfolio, 2006 marks a new year and a new attitude…I have plans for my career this year, and as long as they are aligned with God’s will, I predict that I will make quite a splash on the industry by years end, either via my modeling, freelance writing, the magazine or philanthropic endeavors…I have quite a bit of good work to do.

That’s it for now…I’ll save some of my thoughts for another day. My goals is to actually post more regularly…afterall, gotta get these thoughts out of my head somehow.


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