New Chapter

Well 30 has come and gone...and i must say I feel great. I had a phenomenal trip to NYC. Got to get my party on (within reason of course), was able to see my best friends in the world and even made some new friends.

I was in NYC for one week only, and I have fallen in love with the East Village. The Upper West Side was cool, but definitely not my scene. I could see myself living in the East Village with all of the other weird, yet fabulously unique individuals. But it doesn't matter, because I adore my house in good ole Charlotte, and I missed my bed immensely...a hotel bed just doesn't cut it, no matter how nice the company may be, lol.

The best restaurant I went to while I was on my trip had to have been Caravan of Dreams on the corner of 6th and 1st (I think). It served Vegan food exclusively, so y'all know that I was in heaven. I did my "main" birthday party at Supper Club near Times was a cool spot, I didn't like the DJ, but it was cool nonetheless...I especially enjoyed the company:

On a slightly different note, in terms of relationships, I feel completely revived and not nearly as disappointed in men as I was, say, a month or so ago. However, here's the problem...I feel too happy. Sound crazy, well it should, let me explain. I discovered that someone I was really and truly diggin' feels the absolute same way about me...or so he says...therein lies the problem. I have been lied to so many times that it is very difficult for me to believe that a man is really telling me the truth when he says he likes me...mind you, no one said anything about relationships, I am just trying to get through the initial, "I really, really like him stage." Ahhh, I feel like my life is a soap opera sometimes...oh yeah, and to top it all off...I have no idea where this man is spiritually...the last time I left that up to chance, I ended up dating someone who was into some voodoo type crap....but bottom line, I feel good when we are together, he makes me happy when we chat. I can laugh and be myself with him around...and if he doesn't mean what he says, then my heart will just have to broken yet again...but it'll be okay either way...because I am strong, and most of all God loves me unconditionally--flaws and all.


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