I had such a beautiful Christmas this year. Just like with Thanksgiving, my house seemed to turn into the place to be...I am so thankful for that. My grandma and aunt spent the night on Christmas eve, so that we could all wake up early and have our traditional Christmas brunch. This year, two of my mom's oldest friends dropped by to visit as well. I think that it had been almost two years since we had seen them...This time of year always serves as a much needed catalyst to get people together, and I love it.

Today was just special within itself, I talked to most of my family and left voicemails for most of my friends. It felt good chatting with my sister Cherish and even having a nice convo with my Dad...So although we didn't have the 19 people we had over for Thanksgiving, we still got a pretty good crowd...16 was the total, and we still have an entire cake left and so many leftovers. My cousin Erika comes to visit on Thursday, I'm so excited to see her. She's such a great girl, she's definitely one of my less annoying younger cousins. At 25, she's finally old enough to hang out with me, lol.

Most importantly, I was surrounded by love today. Do you know incredible it feels to be engulfed in unconditional love? Love from my family was like the personification of God's love for beautiful. So if any of you are ever in NC during the holidays and want to experience a good old fashion family Thanksgiving or Christmas...just holla at me...That's it for now...Hope everyone had a great Christmas and remembered what this holiday is really about.

Peace & Blessings


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