36-24-36…Yeah Right!

I am being pulled in so many different directions right now…I’ve been working out and trying to tone up to reach my target measurements (it’s not really about weight, it’s all in the measurements) but I keep getting all this conflicting information…My manager agrees that I need to tone up, and I think that he would ideally like me to work my way down two or three more additional dress sizes…which, I’m still debating on…then on the other hand, my new agent only wants me to drop one dress size…but the problem is that I am booked for a fashion show in March at my current size…and my publicist has advised me not to lose any weight until after the show…And they say all there is to modeling is looking cute and smiling for the camera---whatever, people think they know, but they have no idea. And I also have the bonus job of managing models. People are always trying to take advantage of the girls, so I feel like I’m been cast in the “big sister aka protector” type role instead of the simple talent manager that I thought I signed up for, but such is life. It’s so crazy, but I love every minute of it. But back to the size thing, I am at a crossroads, I guess I will just continue to be healthy and exercise… At least no one can every accuse me of taking Hoodia Diet Pills and taking the easy way out.


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