Addictions (part 1)

So some people struggle with drugs and alcohol abuse, while others drive themselves crazy with worry regarding their body image or other self inflicted woe. Me…what’s my vice you ask? Post It Notes.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen; I am a Post It Note junkie. I am addicted to the yellow variety (the other colors just don’t have the same finesse and appeal). You should see my desk, they are everywhere. My addiction to Post It Notes could be likened to an anorexic’s obsession with the newest Fat Burner magic bill—both frightening and hopelessly sad all at the same time (that was in poor taste I know, but I never said I was politically correct 100 percent of my life).

True, the Post Its make my home office look more chaotic than organized, but I can’t help it…There’s a kind of comfort I find in that chaos…The reason? Well, that’s another blog for another day.


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