Junk Food---I don't think so!

So, as most of you know, I've been in the ongoing process of  "De-cluttering" my life.  I started with beginning a new work out regime (yeah, we won't discuss the progress of that, but it was started), I cleaned out my house completely--gave away massive numbers of clothes, shoes, had a shredding party in my home office(thanks to a seminar by Geopology Designs)--all sorts of healthy behavior.  However, what I had not done is De-Clutter my life in terms of getting rid of all the unhealthy people in my life.  Well, that's changed wholeheartedly...

I began this great (and intense) process of cleaning out those individuals who were not adding anything to my life.  I keep it pleasant with those individuals, but nothing deep.  I had to learn to trust my mind, heart and soul with those who deserve it...those who have proven that they understand what real friendship means.  This De-Cluttering of the soul has also extended to my prospective romantic relationships. 

Debut Book by
Healthy Relationship Activist Jennifer Tardy
Friend and client Jennifer Tardy, who is a Healthy Relationship Activist, wrote His Ingredient Label: A Woman's Guide to Recognizing a Junk Food Man.  This has been a fun read to say the least.  This book helps women to recognize how to eliminate that which isn't good for us.  It's like how it is with anything, you have to get rid of the "junk" to make room for the good stuff.  The book is witty and fun--it's truly like sitting down and talking with a good girlfriend. 

So check out the book, and sign up for Jennifer's newsletter here you can also follow her on Twitter @JTardy26

So I'm ready for the next level of development...are you?  Do you have the strength to say no to "junk" and "clutter"?

"Creativity is a Drug I can't live without"


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