The Truth

I've finally owned up to the truth...I am definitely not a cheap date. I'm sorry fellas, but I have tried to be accommodating to those with tight budgets, but unfortunately I have champagne tastes. Because of my diet (I'm vegan), the thought of going to chain restaurant sickens me... Last week a brother asked me out, and because of scheduling conflicts we didn't go...but do you know what his suggestion was...Fridays. Fridays, Olive Garden, Chili's, etc is fine for grabbing something to eat while you are shopping at the mall. To me, it is in the same category as food court fare...tolerable at best. I can't help it, I'm used to gourmet food. My mother is a personal chef (among her many talents and professions) and whenever my mother cooked, it was an adventure. Can you imagine, I grew up in the hood, but the majority of the time I always had dinner with fresh flowers adorning the table, nice china, and matching linen tablecloths and napkins. The food was always aesthetically and palate pleasing. I grew up with an affinity for good food, good company and great conversation. Dinner has always and continues to be an "event." So, as you can imagine, when a guy offers dinner at a place that has the ambiance of a wet sock, I am completely turned off.

On that note, anyone want to take me to Duvet next time I'm in NYC?


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