Just Breathe

Fortunately, from 9 a.m.-6 p.m., I sit in front of two huge windows and a set of glass double doors. I am pleased by this because it means that I have an unencumbered view of the world, even though I am tied to my desk all day. It’s such a blessing to be able to look at all of the beauty of nature while working during the day. It gives you a sense of calm, a sense of stirring serenity that helps to sustain you even during the most hectic of days. I find that I must center myself several times during a day (otherwise known as prayer), because each and every time the phone rings that peace is disrupted by the cares of the outside world…but I have my windows, my view that allows me to shed responsibility for a split second and remember what it is like to be free. Living without societal responsibilities—in this world, bills do not exist.

So today, when you all are trying to meet a deadline, in the middle of some stressful meeting, or you are just simply trying to survive the day…I encourage you to dig deep, find whatever you need to provide you with a sense of peace, of calm, and use it to center yourself. Spend some time with God today; it’ll do wonders for you.


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