The Grind

I can’t believe it is only four months into the New Year and so much in my life has changed. Traumatic stuff, yet I am still standing; I can only thank God for that, because if it were up to me, I would be curled up in the fetal position watching lifetime movies and eating Wildberry Tofutti Supreme (soy, non dairy frozen dessert for those of you ignorant to the “ice cream” made for the vegans and lactose intolerant). But I thank the Lord that he made me stronger than that. He made me so strong, that I am letting it all roll off my back, I am letting all of the pain and heartbreak flow right out. I am better than that, most of us are, but we keep holding ourselves back by keeping negativity, pettiness and malignant intentions inside until it corrupts the heart, the mind, the soul. Let it go people…I did, or at least I am trying to, it makes a difference on how you see the world.

My first love is writing, with being in front of the camera being a close second…and also I am enjoying working in the field of public relations and brand management. I feel as if I was born to do this. My life is about to speed up considerably for the simple fact that I have so many writing projects to finish up in a relatively short period of time…I’m looking forward to publishing my book of poetry this year as well as the creative non fiction piece that I am co-authoring with Erin Dunn (Public Consultant, JSW Media Group). Life is good…and the grind is incredible. Looks like I won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

Side Note- my baby is scheduled to visit next month. I’m keeping his identity a secret for the time being because (a) I don’t want to sabotage it, and (b) I’m not ready to share him with the world just yet. But know this, he is a breath of fresh air, and just the kind of man I would like to be involved with, so we will see what happens.


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