Top 5 Reasons Why I Really Hate Dating Musicians

5) Immature
They are so used to living their dream sometimes that the realities of life are a bit much. They are still staying up all night, sleeping all day, and waiting for that perfect gig to just fall in their lap.

4) Groupies
Even if the artist/musician/rapper (fill in the blank) is not attractive by societal standards, just by the mere fact that they are in a band, play an instrument or know how to rap, that makes them mad attractive to those I would classify as professional groupies…they women are relentless. While there is no real reason to be jealous of these women, one should still be careful…musicians and groupies operate in symbiotic relationships; it’s almost parasitic and it is always gross.

3) Instability
They are here today and gone tomorrow. Making plans with a music artists is a shot in the dark, your date will also get displaced by a gig, meeting or otherwise “once in a lifetime” opportunity. AND they will always blame you, saying “you never told me we had plans.” Yeah, okay.

2) Arrogant & Self Absorbed
It’s one thing to be confident, in the entertainment business it is a necessary evil sometimes. However, there is a distinct difference between having total and complete belief in your abilities and being an arrogant A@#. Confidence is attractive, arrogance turns my stomach. It’s not cute, it’s downright annoying. In addition, artists also tend to be completely and utterly self-absorbed (this also extends to visual artists, photographers and promoters). Being self absorbed makes trying to make a relationship with that person a complete disaster. Because of the self involvement they are unaware of your needs …and they are always shocked and surprised when you get upset about something. As if to say, “why in the world would someone be angry with me, I never do anything wrong.” Uh huh…This is the reason why Groupies make the perfect girlfriends for these types…they have low emotional expectations and they have no problem listening to you talk incessantly about yourself for hours on end…yawn.

1) They’re Sexy
So you may be thinking, how is this a con? Well, because they are charismatic and generally very, very sexually appealing, we tend to forget all of the other shortcomings and we get sucked in…It’s a circular, deadly phenomenal. So take heed, next time that sexy musician wants to take you out on a date, remember my words of caution, and find someone else to tickle your fancy.


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