My New Spot

I used to frequent HOM quite a bit...but stopped to show some love to the other establishments in the city. I am still drawn the vibe of the place, so now I have a new reason to go back...Looking for something to do on Thursday nights, I may have found your new spot as well...Enjoy!

Two of Charlottes hottest djs under one roof...determined to bring the true, soulful house groove to uptown rsenal plays classic, current, and hard-hitting Chicago house grooves in Feast, while downstairs in Liv, "The Wizard" Dj Johnnie Davis keeps the house jacking with his blend of house, afro, and disco beats. Hom is the place to be on thursday nights from now on...

When: Every Thursday

Where: HOM, 115 w. 5th st, Charlotte, NC (

Time: 10pm-2am

Cost: no cover

Contact: dj rsenal 704 957-1636

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