I don’t mean to make light of America’s image in the international arena, but the video of Dubya dodging that first shoe had me cracking up…I mean I was laughing out loud. Funny but so sad, because truly prior to Election Day 2008, that is how most of the international community felt about the US…Thank God, there is a renewal of sorts, President Elect Obama’s presence has done wonders for our image…talk about some phenomenal pr!

I’m super excited about tonight’s festivities...I have been fortunately enough to work on the team bringing Dr. Cornel West to Charlotte tonight for a lecture/book signing/overall cool event that starts at 7 pm. We are at capacity, so I hope people got their tickets early or they will be standing. There are zero seats left. It’s been a blessing coordinating the media relations, and getting the pr set in stone. This is what it is all about after all. This is just the first event in a series of speaker events spearheaded by the Charlotte Literary Festival and Realeyes Books. Nikki Giovanni will be here on Feb 20th, so I would suggest getting your tickets now. Promoting literacy is where it is at…

Later on, I will make a brief appearance at the Queen City Music awards. JSW Media Group is one of the sponsors, and I have to show love to Kevan Glover and the rest of the Talk of NC crew.

This week I will try to get some photos posted from my activities last week. Special Thank You to all who came to support Charlotte’s 1st Urban Street Soccer Fest and to all the beautiful poets who made the individual World Poetry Slam competition a true success.
That’s it for now…
Peace & Blessings

Almost forgot… I am actually looking forward to hearing this…Em and Dre were a magic combo, it’ll be interesting to see if they can do it again.

"Creativity is a Drug I can't live without"


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