I hate working out with a passion. It’s amazing that I am not obese considering I act as if I am allergic to exercise (which I’m starting to suspect is truly the case…you mention the word cardio and my eyes begin to water, sneezing ensues, headache…just a thought). And it is super crazy that I feel this way, considering I have fairly good and healthy eating habits (of course, when I am not going 100 mph and I forget that I haven’t had food—we will just gloss over that for now for the sake of this discussion. Yeah, I know, I have issues.)..and I do like drinking water (although, the coffee keeps calling my name--caffeine addict all the way baby!).

Anyway...I'm in for another exhausting week, full of excitement and whirlwind activity. We are hosting Atlanta International Fashion Week's Charlotte Model and Designer Call on Friday. Should be a good look...also, Terry McMillan will be here on Saturday for the Charlotte Literary Festival Fundraiser...Got quite a bit in the pipeline, so I am excited about what this month has to offer. Don't forget to save the date, Fashion Friday Presents Laguna Beach: June 2009... With so much going on perhaps I will try and make it to the may not kill me (this time).

"Creativity is a Drug I can't live without"


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