B-Day Blues

April 26 Rapidly Approaches…

If one more person asks me about birthday plans, I may just lose it. Seriously, screaming and writhing on the floor seems like a logical and viable option if yet another individual goes…”so, what are you doing for your birthday.” Urgh.

I know it is a valid question, I often ask the same of my friends and associates. It is (on the surface) seemingly harmless enough…unfortunately for me, I cringe whenever asked. Why? It’s simple. I plan and organize all day long—for my day job, for both my companies, for my interns, for my church, family, friends, c-workers, etc, etc…and for once, I don’t want to plan anything…I’m a diva, and I would like for it to just be planned out for me. Nevertheless, because I have such a fun, yet eclectic and diverse group of friends I believe that’s close to an impossible task—pretty much for one reason: They all think they know me best. Trust me, I’m not complaining. This is a beautiful problem to have…I would be depressed if no one cared if my birthday was coming up.

Who knows, maybe I’ll just stick my nose in a book and come up for air on April 27.

I’ll keep you posted.

"Creativity is a Drug I can't live without"


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