The Thrill of Teaching

I had the AWESOME opportunity to be a guest lecturer for an online continuing education class at NYU last week.  When the instructor of the course, Heather Keets Wright, who happens to be a friend and colleague (and the best lunch companion ever) asked me to present to her class, I was humbled and utterly excited. My lecture was a primer on Social Media, with particular emphasis on the professional applications of Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.  It felt good being able to share the knowledge that I've acquired over the last couple of years about social media with such eager and willing subjects.  The students were so open to learning---their excitement was fresh and exciting..thus, making me feel the same way. 

The experience was so wonderful...and now I'm addicted.  I'm planning a series of upcoming workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.  I will definitely keep everyone posted as that develops.

"Creativity is a Drug I can't live without"

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