Reality Check

God really knows how to get your attention. I'm glad because sometimes we need that swift kick in the pants and a MAJOR reality check to get us back on track. Life has been non stop for the past few months. It's been great for the most part as well as very enlightening. My blinders are officially off now, no more rose-colored glass living for me (at least not for the moment). During the past two weeks especially I've had to deal with heartbreakers, back stabbers and other unsavory characters; I learned (well, relearned) four important lessons:

1). People will use you if you let them.
2). Keep your circle of friends small, it's safer that way.
3). People say things they don't really mean ALL THE TIME (i.e I love you, I respect you, I'm your friend--the harsh reality--sometimes it's a lie)
4). If you watch someone long enough, his or her actions will tell you who they really are. Point blank. Period.

Unfortunately, I have had to see the true essence of people's personalities ooze forth from their seemingly friendly exterior.  I'm glad God looks on the heart...

So, this is my theme song for the fall.  I'm not afraid, I don't have time for foolishness and I am ready for what's next.  I will not pretend.  What you see if what you get.  Either you get on the train and ride, or you jump off the tracks...your choice.

"Creativity is a Drug I can't live without"


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