My circle is so full of incredible smart and talented people. I guess that's why I keep the circle tight. Please check out my good friend, phenomenal poet and all around wonderful person Kirsten Hemmy at her book launch on Dec. 3rd. If you are in Charlotte, you WILL want to be there.

Friday, December 3 @ the Art House & LATIBAH Museum, NoDa, 8pm – 10pm.

Launch Party for Kirsten Hemmy’s The Atrocity of Water, a Tom Lombardo poetry selection published by Press 53.

For more information or to pre-order books, please visit http://www.press53.com/BioKirstenHemmy.html, email atrocityofwater@gmail.com, or call 704.497.6646.

Art House & LATIBAH Museum is located at 3103 Cullman Ave, NoDa, NC 28206.

Music provided by the Lonnie Davis Jazz Group.

Poetry by Kirsten Hemmy, Quentin Talley, and CP Maze. Art by T’Afo Feimster.

Refreshments provided by Masterful Meals on a Natural Note.

"Creativity is a Drug I can't live without"


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