My Ode to Personal Style

Photographer: Ramaj Culture
MUA: Joy Randall
Dress: Dressing Room Boutique
Styling: Kyle Murray

I'm still in disbelief that I'm 35 years old (my birthday was in April)...It feels good, but I'm not sure how I am supposed to feel at this milestone.  I felt different at 16, 21 and 30, and I'm sure I will feel different at 40 as well; however, 35 has been a state of limbo...Nonetheless, I've decided to examine the manner in which I carry myself. This self-examination and “evaluation” stems from wanting to further define what you all have come to know and love as “Jameka.” LOL.

@ The 2nd Annual Red Pump/Red Tie Affair
 posing with actor/poet Donald Wilson
MUA: Joy Randall
Photographer: Jon Strayhorn/MAC

Being the fashionista/diva that I am, my first step in this project was to take a close look at my personal style, and how it relates to my brand image. Upon inner reflection, I came to some undeniable truths: (a) I’m an old soul and (b) I hate trends. This is an interesting revelation for me because I do adore fashion, and all of the craziness that comes along with it…but when it comes to true style, oldies but goodies do it for me every time. Even though I own a public relations firm that specializes in fashion and entertainment, I don’t spend hours each day pouring over the latest trends to see what's hot off the runway for the season.  I appreciate it, I just don't adhere to the current mandates set forth by the the fashion dictators.  

I like it simple and uncomplicated...everyday wear is generally a crisp white shirt, impossibly high heels, hoop earrings, pencil's like my uniform...when I actually get some downtime, I'm comfortable in a black or white tee (or tank in the summer), jeans and yes, sky high stilettos. Day to day make up for me also means lip gloss (and sometimes mascara).

@ A Stylish Breakfast at Tiffany's event during
STYLE Week Charlotte 2011
Pictured w/ T. Strong, Joy Randall, and Bridgette West
Hair: Lockstar Salon

So, I consistently get compliments when I am at networking events, fashion shows, parties, soirees, etc. regarding my personal appearance...well nine times out of ten, it is because someone has "beat" this face, styled the hair or laced me with some fantastic jewelry...this post is dedicated to their fantastic work. If it wasn't for Joy Randall of Flawless Make Up Art, Darrell Roach of Darrell Roach Designs or April Atkinson owner of Lockstar Salon I'd never be red carpet or camera if you see a photo and I'm looking fab and glam, please give the folks mentioned above credit for it...I'm just not that cool.

@ Metro Proponent's Bachelorette Auction.
Pictured w/ Chef Jay and Trina (Unique Affairs)
Hair: Lockstar Salon

...anyway, for the most part my style inspirations come from the 1930's and 40's...and when I do play dress up, it's all about great styles that fit well...and of course, I own several variations of every woman's staple wardrobe piece, "The Little Black Dress."  

So, you ask, what's the the moral of the story?  There is none...other than your personal style needs to come from the heart with sincere authenticity...otherwise, what's the point.  Originality is still the best accessory I've ever had...although for some, it seems the most hard to find item imaginable.  Dig deep Lovelies...until next time...

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