AmpedNation Magazine is Here!

Amped 4-A-Cure, Inc Introduces Amped Nation Magazine

Delivering Fashion, Music and Health News to Support Cancer Research

ATLANTA, GA/CHARLOTTE NC (May 2011) – Amped 4-A-Cure, Inc (A4AC) announced its newest initiative, Amped Nation Magazine. A4AC’s primary mission is to support cancer research through music; however, the organization is also committed to educating the masses about the importance of early detection and prevention of cancer. What better way to inform and motivate than with the explosive power of the media? Amped Nation will have dual operations in both Charlotte and Atlanta.

“People have to understand that being educated about the status of your health is the cool thing to do,” says Xavier Grier, President and Chief Executive Officer of Amped 4-A-Cure, Inc. “We created Amped Nation Magazine as a way to deliver important news and information about cancer research advancements and prevention in a way that the public could easily digest and enjoy.”

Amped Nation Magazine is not your typical publication—this is a new way to fight cancer. The magazine’s goal is to provide the public with the best fashion, music and health information on a local, national and international level. Amped Nation will feature articles on staying fit and healthy, the latest breakthroughs in cancer research and all of your current fashion and music news. Amped Nation Magazine is a program under Amped 4-A-Cure, Inc., a non-profit organization that supports cancer research through the universal language of music.

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About Amped 4-A-Cure, Inc.
Amped-4-A-Cure, Inc. uses the universal language of music as the vehicle to deliver the message to the masses the importance of getting behind the efforts of cancer research. By supporting all genres of music just as we are Amped 4-A-Cure for all types of cancer, A4AC is able to reach and spread the word to all people, from all walks of life.

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