They Call Me "Diddy"

As most of you are aware, in addition to my day job at ESPN Charlotte, I also own and operate a boutique public relations firm, I blog (sometimes) and work on several philanthropic and community initiatives. Well, as a result of my often over scheduled and busy entrepreneurial lifestyle, I was nicknamed “Diddy” by two of my good friends a few years ago…at first I was embarrassed. After all, Diddy’s public persona when it comes to business is that he is shrewd, demanding and a perfectionist. I didn’t want people to think that I was some overbearing diva who always had to have my way; but upon closer observation and introspection, I realized that the moniker the guys gave me was a compliment and a testament to the personal brand that I have built for myself. Yes, Diddy does seem to be all of the things that I described, but additionally, he is an incredible business man who works harder than anyone on his team. He is loyal, dedicated and fair to his team. When he works; everyone on the team works, but when he parties, everyone parties right along with him.

Today I embrace my inner “Diddy.” Today I own my faults and flaws along with my talents and strengths—because it all adds up who I am, my brand, my life, me. God put this together, who am I to argue.

I will not apologize for my needs—I require a certain amount of attention from those in my circle, from my friends, my family, my team. If it’s too much, then you don’t need to be in the circle. I am who I am. I am difficult at times, I can be a rollercoaster of emotions, I am loving, I am indulgent, I am emotionally spoiled, I am giving, I am tolerant, I am judgmental, I can be a diva, and I can be laid back…but what I am is real---every day of the week. Solid. Sensitive to the needs of every person who I call friend…and even to those I don’t. I am an open book, often to the detriment of my own personal happiness. But the days of my apologizing for who I am…emotional, vulnerable female one moment or strong independent woman the next…is over. I am complex simplicity. Take it, leave it; it no longer matters to me. The only person I have to answer to already died for my sins---no one else bears that cross.

Time to brush the dirt off my shoulders and keep it moving; each day is precious. I refuse to waste one more second that Christ has blessed me with…How are you making the most of your life? I challenge you all to embrace and revel in the wonderfulness that is you.

"Creativity is a Drug I can't live without"
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