Poetry Makes My Soul Sing

So this song always makes me smile...and the lyrics send me to a wistful, yet good place.  So I'm sharing the song, as well as some of my poetry (originally posted on Tumblr).  Enjoy.

What you said…

by Jameka Shamae Whitten

Underneath the sick sweet exterior of promise lies an openness whose embrace is glacial to the touch

…at least at first.

Fear does that? Makes you believe in make believe.

“Can you be honest and vulnerable?” Uproarious laughter.

Knee jerk screams don’t do it…don’t give in the smile, the smooth ease of entry, the lascivious whispers and chivalrous facade

Or is it? We see what we want to see.

Could those resounding catechisms actually be molded from something real, genuine, driven by sincerity.

Is it true? Tempted to create a new reality.


After eons of painted smiles, forced entry and seductively malicious whispers, separating fact from fiction and sun kissed bedtime stories

I just don’t know? You may still be a liar…only in a sweeter package.

"Creativity is a Drug I can't live without"


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