Lesson Learned

One thing that I've been trying to remind myself on a daily basis is that people will disappoint you.  I know that sounds like a rather somber way to start off today's blog post, but really it is a positive message ( promise, it'll get better, lol).  The reason why it is super important to remember that people will always disappoint you is because you shouldn't look to others for anything--not happiness, not well being, not comfort, not warmth--all of those things should be internal, placed inside of each of us by the hand of God.  We forget sometimes that ALL of our trust and faith lies within Christ, not man.  It's when we start to look to our friends and family instead of first seeking wisdom from God is when things get a bit twisted.  

We are all human, we make mistakes.  It's life, so why don't you first look to the one who will NEVER lead you astray, the one who will never disappoint, the one who always loves you and puts your needs first--God.  God will then, in turn, point you in the right direction and lead you to those who will be able to provide a little humanly guidance and support.  The first step is God...everything else will fall right into place. 

"Creativity is a Drug I can't live without"


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