I have actually been making an concious effort not to curse or use too many swear words, but let me just tell you that is getting more and more difficult by the second b/c my patience is currently being tested...I am trying so hard to be cool, calm and collected with guy that I just met, but I find myself being just the opposite...why? Because he excites me, and I'm not just speaking sexually, but he stimulates me in a way no one has really has in a very long time. And honestly I am a bit afraid of either (a) moving too quickly and getting hurt or (b) moving too slowly, he loses interests and I still get hurt. I'm trying to be more positive, but it's hard and I am not, I repeat, not a patient person. I work hard, I live life, and I want what I want when I want it. So yeah, I guess I am a spoiled brat---but only when it comes to my feelings and emotions. It just comes down to what everyone wants in this life---wanting to give and receive love in whatever form. Geeze, you would think it gets easier as one gets older...not so, lol.


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