Realization of Sanctification

Okay…so I have a shoot in the a.m. and instead of sleeping what am I up doing? Writing in my blog, reviewing material for the next issue of the magazine and outlining a couple of articles that I should have finished at least a week ago. Welcome to a day in the life of Jameka Shamae….

I had such an incredible last two days. On Wednesday, I had a relatively short day at the office and then I went to a revival at my church. I felt really at home and touched by God that night and since…I asked the Holy Spirit to come in and live in me…I essentially asked for help to be a better person. People, God is real. I feel so blessed to know that everything is truly going to be all right…It’s just necessary for me to just keep looking towards heaven and stay focused on the good works that He has for me to do. I’m giving everything, and I mean everything up to God (Jesus will fix it).

Thanksgiving was great. It was a gorgeous fall day---not too cold, clear skies, sunshine all around. Mom and I went to the church first to help out with serving the fellas from the transitional houses with their Thanksgiving feast---there was so much food it was bordering on ridiculous. It was nice to be there and fellowship. I was so happy to be off from work that could’ve been in any environment and I would have been fine and dandy. Then, mom, two of my friends (Marcus and Rovaughna) and I made our way over to my favorite guy cousin’s house to celebrate with the rest of the family. There was lots of football, funny stories and fabulous stories that made our day serene, joyful and truly blessed.

I thank you Lord for another day. Truly I thank you.


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