Hit or Miss

I'm so happy that I have a sense of humor about life...and that I can recognize the humor in most situations--no matter how the situation may seem on the surface. For example, I'm a little frustrated that all the cool people that I have been meeting lately live far away from me. And the people I do meet who are in the city are full of crap, have ulterior motives or just won't tell the truth. For example, there's a guy I know who doesn't want to date me seriously because I am a Christian, yet I know for a fact that he is seeing someone who is seemingly even more religious than I am...Does anyone tell the truth anymore? I just have to laugh. I am just thankful that the Lord has me in the palm of His hand...and does not let me stray too far off the path. Thank Jesus for small favors...I'm rambling, but I think that's what blogs are for


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