Just a Little Nervous...and Excited..

Y'all I don't know what to say about my state of mind other than I am so happy right now. I've decided to go ahead and go full speed ahead on faith in terms of employment. I am no longer at my day job, and I've decided to pursue my own thing. I'll miss the security and the money...but as long as I make my mortgage, I'm cool. It's time to step out on the ledge...and let go and let God.

Also--this is for the man in my life, you know who you are (yes, I'm talking about you). Listen, I am not sure if I made this clear during our last serious conversation, but you are my ideal as well--faults and all. I take you "as is." With that said, let's roll with this and see what happens. I feel like I know you baby, not the image you project, but you. And I think you really get me too. We are a good team, so stop holding back and let's see where this adventure takes us...I don't know about you, but I'm ready to finish building an empire, the foundation is already there and strong. I'm ready...regardless of the end result. We will never know what "could be" until we try. So when you finally get around to reading this, let me know what's up...knowing my luck you'll probably read this a year from now, lol. But it doesn't matter, everything happens in God's time.

Regardless, let me make this clear...you have grown into one of my best friends, and that will never change...but "us" feels right, and I know you feel it too:)

I just had to get that out. I just feel happy in every single aspect of my life right now--even with so many things seemingly going wrong...everything is still all good...Thank God for His Mercy, Grace and Peace within my soul.


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