Should I be offended

Should I be offended by the fact that I am a model/actress who has lots of friends who are photographers, graphic designers, filmmakers and videographers, casting directors, etc. yet my own friends (who are very much aware of my serious work ethic and talent) will rarely consider me for projects that they are working on. One could say its because of the friendship thing...not wanting to mix business and pleasure. I thought of that. Thats not it because I've seen the very same people involved go the extra mile for their other friends and even former ex-girlfriends and boyfriends on occasion. Crazy right? Why not throw a sista, who is trying to do the right thing, some extra help. Whats the point of knowing the right people if they cant help you out, lol. Well, let it be known from this day forward if anyone I know is casting for a show, a movie, a fashion show, a magazine, a theatre production, etc, etc. needs a model for a mix tape, a flyer, a Cd cover, a book cover--whatever, I'm here...I'm available...I'm ready.

I know that everything happens for a reason, but I would really like some feedback from my people about this one...the question is...will they speak up?

As a side note...I'm not going to allow how others treat me to affect how I am going to treat them...I'm going to continue to hook my people up regardless...My friends can attest to the fact that I will publish them, send clients their way or otherwise publicize whatever they are into...that's just me...I need to remember that we give not to get, but simply for the joy of giving...but hey, I'm only human and even I have my moments of feeling unloved and underappreciated...But I'm good, I'm just glad I have this outlet to vent my frustrations.


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