DMV Nightmare/Updates/Being Ignored

DMV Nightmare

Arrival Time: 1:30 p.m.

Departure Time: 4:30 p.m.

Believe it or not, yesterday was the first time I was able to wait patiently at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Usually I am fidgeting like crazy, checking the time incessantly like a mad woman and rolling my eyes each time someone else's name is called before mine. I try to limit my visits to this horrendous (for lack of a better word) place, but the state of North Carolina aint no joke...and they will get you for something or another every time. Yesterday, I was sentenced to the place that time forgot because I had a 24-hour lapse in car insurance. ARRRRGGGHHHH! I forgot to pay my lovely bill on time because I was in the process of moving and closing on my house so it completely slipped my mind. Because of this oversight, I had to suffer in the waiting area, sitting in the midst of the most noxious body odor that I have ever had the misfortune to experience. I wish I could say that the odor only came from one person...but alas, no--It came from at least three grown a@# men whose wives, girlfriends, mommas, sisters or lovers need to be physically assualted for allowing these men to walk out of the house smelling like a colorful mixture of stale beef jerky, sweaty gym socks and sour cow's milk...and I'm being generous about the odor. I seriously felt as if I was going to pass out. Indeed the oven-like heat didn't help matters. It's one thing to be funky for no good reason out in public, but you take it to a whole new level when you are funky in public during a heatwave--completely socially unacceptable.

I'd also like to know why young mothers (especially) think that it is "ok" for them to bring their children out in public simply wearing a diaper. For example, while still at the DMV (sitting on arguable the most uncomfortable place chairs imaginable, rival only to those at the Food Stamp office aka Department of Social Services...don't be surprised people, I know about Food Stamps, lol) this very attractive young African American woman walked in. Hair & nails were done. Make-up was flawless. She wore this cute black and white sundress that really accentuated this woman's shape. Easy going smile. The male employees could not seem to focus on anything other than her ample cleavage. I was digging her black stiletto sandals. Homegirl was so cute and totally in diva mode. I was about to give her props on her outfit and presentation when something stopped me dead in my tracks...I looked down and saw her toddler. Why did this seemingly well put together female have the nerve to leave out of the house with her 2 year old wearing nothing but a diaper and old tattered sandals. The child's braids were dirty, the ends were loose and full of lint. She looked like a million dollars and her child looked a hot mess. WHY? I would never leave the house with my child looking like she belongs in a shelter for wayward girls, but I look like I just stepped out of a trife.

What I learned from DMV- It's a microcosm. Regardless of your status, income or gender--all must suffer the same indignities that the DMV generously offers all patrons. DMV is both numb and impartial when it comes to your background or walk of life. In a sense, I guess it's good to know there are still places where everyone is treated equally, lol.


I think I mentioned this before, but the new website is in development ( I'm excited about it because I have been shooting like crazy since the beginning of the year, only leaking a few pics here and there. I'm having fun with this whole modeling/acting aspect of my career. I have a ball during photo shoots...and paid work is coming along slowly but surely. I have a few auditions coming up soon that I'm excited about, including one in DC (Darryl, if you read this, get at me, I want to see you). I'll let y'all know how that goes one way or another.

I've been getting a lot of freelance writing offers lately. So I'm getting more clients and more clips, which is a beautiful thing. Working for yourself is not a picnic, but I am enjoying the life that God has prepared for me...who am I to complain.

Being Ignored

Granted, I'm horrible about calling people back and returning certain emails (I get a lot), but I absolutely hate it when I feel as if I am being ignored. If I call you, just acknowledge that I called you...even if you are busy, just let me know you got the message. God forbid it was an actual emergency or I really needed to talk:-) But like I said earlier, I can't complain too much. I have some friends who are always there for me...I mean, my best friend is a busy doctor, whose work schedule rivals any person in the entertainment or fashion industry...and even she finds the time to call and check up...even if it is only for a few minutes on her way to work in the morning. That's a good friend. And I do the same for her. And I guess that's why we've been friends since we were 15 years old. Yo KP, I've been knowing you for 15 years...that's so crazy:-)

So those are the thoughts running around in my crazy head. Love each other. Live to love...and most of all give some glory to God. You have to give honor where honor is due, your talent and abilities did not just come from you being lucky or because it was "in the stars." We are all blessed, please remember that.


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