Changes...Choices...Decisions (August 1, 2006)

The soiree was quite successful. Debony and I put a lot of work into the planning of this event, and I am just so pleased that everything went according to plan. Just want to thank everyone who can out and supported. Now on to the subject at hand...It's decision making time for Ms. Jameka. I have a lot of work to do in terms of the direction of my life, and I have some decisions that I need to make both personally and professionally. Lets start with the easy stuff: professional life. I plan on making a huge announcement by Labor Day in reference to my work with SOTAC and what we have planned for the future. Exciting stuff, believe me, but I just dont want to put it all out there just yet. Also, I should be finished with a major publishing project that I have been working on for one of my clients. I cant wait to share the finished product with all of you.

Now on to the good stuff...after an intense heart to heart with the man I am interested in, I know realize two things: Our feelings for each other are not changing anytime soon. He is a true friend who cares about me unconditionally. There is no doubt where I stand with him. I have absolutely no need to feel threatened by other women in his life. I have no need to feel anxious about the direction of our potential relationship. I'm good. I am still planning on revamping my social life and getting out and about more, but going out and enjoying myself is never going to negate how much I care for this person. When the time is right for us, it'll happen in God's time and it cannot be forced. So I am not going to force it. It is such a great feeling to be secure and freak out about relationships and men is officially over. I never stopped smiling, but now I feel like I have even more to smile about. God is good.


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