Sometimes It's Just Hard

As most of you are well aware, I have a lot projects that I am working on. For instance, I have a 5,000 word assignment due by Aug. 30, and I only have about 1500 words so far. Not to mention a presentation to finish putting together as well as laying the foundation for SOTAC's newest venture, which I alluded to in previous entries, a model management division. It's hard for me to admit, but I need some assistance on one aspect of what I'm doing...I need a manager/agent for my acting and modeling endeavors. I'm represented by one agency down here in Charlotte, and no offense to the CEO of that company, but he is not doing that much to help me. He has said he has a few deals for me, but I haven't seen any paper work or follow up. And although the new managemnt company is going to be a great look, I cannot represent myself. I'm tired and I can't keep up anymore. I need a cheerleader, agent, manager, encourager...something. It's amazing how some people never have to ask for help, it is just offered to them, whereas I find myself in the position of having to ask, which is extremely difficult for me to do. But if no one is offering, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. I mean, this is ridiculous, I have a marketing and promotions company that represents me, a personal assistant, I had a publicist...who has now forgotten about me I think (which reminds me, Tamara you taking on any modeling/acting clients, if so, I need you, lol)...but a manager would be ideal right about now. Sounds like a lot of people, maybe, but with my other work I need the assistance. Plus to make it in this industry, it takes a takes strong strategic marketing, and it takes branding. I am great at assisting others with their careers, now I need someone like me to help me with mine.

Sometimes I believe that if people didn't see me as such a good businesswoman, I might get more assistance. I keep telling people to get on board now, before I really take off, lol.


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