Dating Etiquette

10 Things Men should always do:

1). Call the next day after a date or an intimate encounter. Unless it was a one night stand, you should always call the next day or else the lady feels a bit used. Text messages and emails do not count. A quick "thank you" call is always appreciated.

2). Do not answer your cell phone during the date (that also goes for any pda's as well). If you do answer your phone, please do not talk at length with a member of the opposite sex...and try to limit the number of times you call the woman on the other end of the phone baby or some other form or endearment. Could cause your current date to feel a bit uneasy. It's called respect.

3). Compliment your date's appearance. She probably took time to look nice for you, so you'll get massive points if you actually notice that she looks nice.

4). At least offer to pay for dinner. The entire dinner. She may not let you, but at least act like you are going to take care of the bill. Also, if you do not drive, and she has to pick you up, offer to pay for gas. This is the Bush era, gas is expensive.

5). Try to keep ex girlfriends and significant others out of the conversation. I know it can often come up, but the woman wants to know that it is all about her at the moment, not your past dating disasters.

6). Keep good eye contact, that lets the woman know that you are both interested in her and what she has to say.

7). Do not let your eyes wander. Even if the waitress is super attractive, do not, and I repeat, do not say one word. The only exception is if your date makes a statement about how attractive the other woman is...only then are you allowed to comment.

8). Hygiene is important. Dress appropriately and be clean. The woman will appreciate you all the more.

9). Have suggestions on things to do and activities. There's nothing worse than hearing, "whatever you want to do" over and over during a date. It makes it seem like you didn't care enough to plan. Even if it is a spontaneous thing, always have something in the back of your mind...some kind of plan b.

10). Smile...and enjoy yourself. A date is supposed to be fun. If you are not comfortable, then you are doing something wrong.

Fellas, What are the 10 things you think woman should always do on a date? Your feedback is welcome.


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