TV Aint What it Used to Be

I realize that I have been doing a bunch of random posts...there is a reason for that. I'm random, lol. Now but seriously, I was watching one of those Maury Povich shows and I was astounded. What is Maury trying to do exactly, take over where Jerry left off. I mean c'mon, just how many Paternity Test shows can you really do before it gets boring...or better yet those, from Geek to Chic shows...AHHHHH...Quality television, Oh where art thou? I can't watch a certain supermodels show without laughing, and Oprah's show just doesn't hold the same appeal for me the way it once did. I guess I'll just stick with my basic channels, IFC, Bravo, WE, HBO and The TV Guide Channel (yes I love just watching what's coming on for hours on end, lol) ...Welcome to my random world.


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