Living in the Country

Although I live in NC, I am undeniably a city girl. I like the energetic pulse of living in a city. I guess that's why I miss Chicago so much and visit NYC like it's my second home (after I either marry rich or make that first million, I'm buying a spot in the East Village). And that's why, out of all of the cities in NC, I chose Chartlotte...this is a great place to live. You get the convenience of living in a city, without the negative hustle and bustle. I Can breathe here...the weather is gorgeous (it's been 70 degrees for almost two weeks straight). I love sitting in my backyard and reading or writing poetry. People smile when they see you on the street. Showing respect by saying yes ma'am and yes sir to older people you don't know doesn't get you crazy looks:-). Charlotte is such a cool place to me, but after checking out some blue ridge real estate, I may have to consider moving to a nice luxurious country home when I retire. I love horses and haven't been able to ride in years, so it would be cool to be able to buy a few and live out my golden years enjoying the serenity of the countryside...I'd probably last less than a week without a boutique or a nail salon nearby, but a girl can dream, can't she?


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