My Funny Valentine

Another V-day flying solo, yet today I feel beautiful, empowered and yes, even a bit sexy. Why, when most singles are either saying "Bah Humbug" or lamenting their lack of a special Valentine, am I celebrating life instead? It's simple...I am at peace, I am content, and I am loved. Most of all, I have seriously learned how to let go. God has provided me with such clarity regarding the men in my life...well, one man in particular. I have realized that the man I proclaimed my love for is not the one for me (at least not right now). I still love and care for him wholly and completely (I really do love you baby)...But I can't be with someone (or even entertain the thought of being with someone) who is still trying to find themselves, someone who lives in a world of self-induced chaos and mayhem...someone who's spiritual center seems undefined and somewhat shakey. I need peace and good-hearted laughter in my life. I need someone who puts God's will ahead of his own desires. Essentially, I need someone to challenge me, to provoke thought...not someone whose life seems centered around endless drama (either purposely or by chance).

I pray that my baby gets all that his heart desires and more...but more importantly, I hope and pray he finally fulfills the great plan that God has for his life and surrenders to that will, that the chaos and stress disappears, and peace is restored to his soul. I want everyone to feel the joy I have in my heart right now, joy that only comes from the Creator.

To all my past, present and future loves: Happy Valentine's Day

Peace & Blessings


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