Breaking the Boundaries….hmmmm, Let’s Create Some Instead

I consider myself a semi serious blogger, I may not blog everyday, but I try to “let my voice be heard” from time to time. And as I was perusing one of my fav blogs written by my boy Chuck, I realized a few things….men just don’t get us at all. That actually stands to be repeated: MEN JUST DON’T GET US AT ALL. We are constantly stereotyped and placed into nice little convenient pretty boxes (or pedestals, depending on the relationship)…Let me clarify by saying I understand that the reverse is true as well. I have been guilty of stereotyping the fellas, for instance, I’m on this “all guys are stupid” kick. I don’t really believe that all men are stupid, but I am starting to think you all are so simple that seemingly common sense things need to be laid out for you like you were three years old…Matter of fact, a toddler can usually take a hint better than a grown azz man in most instances. They at least understand body language, more than I can say for most of the guys I had to deal with last week, last month, heck, last night.

Let me drop some science on the guys for a moment if I may…There is a huge difference between a little girl playing dress up and a real woman. A girl still runs mad game on dudes in the club, she strings men along, not to mention she thinks sexy equals revealing outfits, too much makeup and pouty shiny gloss-drenched lips. And most importantly, a girl does not realize that there is more to men than “free” drinks, one night stands, “attitude” and getting money (as I hear “make that money girl, don’t let it make you” from one of my cult classics, Playa’s Club, playing in the background).

And in usual fashion, my Caucasian sisters have a tendency to be portrayed so much more positively than other ethnic women. Believe me, many of my close girlfriends are of the blonde blue-eyed variety, so I’m not hating…I’m just making an observation, plus those chicas think the same way I do…and often have drama filled relationships that I couldn’t even fathom, even on my most divalicious days. Men always think the grass is greener, yeah right, keep thinking that if you want to.

Anyway…my point…stop observing a select group of women and thinking that represents us all…In addition, stop mistaking girls for women, if you take my advice, who knows you just might find yourself a jewel worth keeping…Something to think about, lol.


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