Southern Hospitality at Its Best

The SELF Show crew headed down to Atlanta this past weekend to interview additional folks for the upcoming documentary, HIV/AIDS: The Silent Killer of Our Community. ATL embraced us with open arms, hearts and minds. We met so many beautiful people with powerful stories to tell. They shared valuable information that could very well save someone’s life.

During the one day of filming, I was privileged to take part in an impromptu round table discussion with a group of women about dating, casual sex and of course the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in our community and specifically how it is affecting African American women of all ages.

I am disturbed by the fact that married women seemed to be the highest risk group infected with not only HIV but also most STDs. The reason? They are the ones having unprotected sex with their husbands, completely unaware that their spouses are engaging in unsafe, high risk extramarital affairs with other men, women or both. Although it makes me sad, it makes me angry more. These men are putting themselves and their families at risk…why, would you knowingly do such a thing…pride, narcissism, general lack of morals, stupidity---what? Then on the other hand, these women are not asking enough questions and holding themselves responsible for their own health. Where does it stop?

Right now, I choose not to engage in premarital sex for religious reasons, but even if it were not because of my faith, I would still be hesitant to have casual sex in this day and age. There are many crazy things going on out there…my advice, keep it locked unless you truly know your partner’s sexual history. Do not get caught up in the moment. Having safer sex (I say safer sex because the only way to stay completely safe is abstinence) should be mandatory, not an after thought. Either that or start traveling with a portable HIV test—whatever works for you, lol.

That’s my PSA for now…Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

Peace & Blessings

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