Been Gone for a Minute

It's been a very long last two weeks. My apologizes for not being the serious blogger that I proclaimed to be...but it's been so busy, I barely know my own name. Let's see if I can accurately recap...

Having become a Charlotte socialite by circumstance, I've been attending a great deal more social events than usual. My busy season, so to speak, officially started on a Friday a couple of weeks ago...I attended a friend's birthday party at Loft 1523. Good times were had by all in attendance. The weather was divine, so I spent the majority of the night mingling with the crowd on the balcony. The birthday is actually one of Charlotte's hottest new event photographers. Jasiatic is just getting back on the scene after an absence, so it was nice seeing Charlotte's hip, funky and fashionable elite come out to show her love. After all it is not exactly easy out there for female photographers. After leaving the party, I headed over to the Visualite Theatre to hang out with members of one of my favorite local bands Hobex. I wronte an article about them in the second issue of SOTAC back in 2004. They are still going strong and doing very well. Jameka is definitely a fan (special hello to Dustin, my favorite drummer, lol). The very next day I was able to spend a lovely (albeit hot) Saturday afternoon at the final installment of this year's Southend Summer Series. The live performances were on point, and in the wake of Jena 6, I was impressed with all of the political activism going at the event. I'm all about partying with a purpose. On that Sunday I was able to see JSD Talent Model Michelle T strut her stuff at the Hush Fashion-4-A-Cause Event. Chelle looked incredible on the runway, and we were all very proud of her.

On top of everything else (you know work, work and more work), I was able to see Common and Q-tip in a word, dope. And as much as I love my baby Common, I must say that Tip stole the show...and my heart in the process. That man has aged WELL.

Major shout to Tye, the owner over at Glamour Puss Boutique & Salon...she celebrated the one-year anniversary of her business on Saturday. I had a ball, you know how to throw a good pary chica.

It has truly been a non stop ride, I just got back from CT last night after traveling for my day job.

And with all this going on, I still managed to get a date for the wedding that I am going to at the end of the well as another couple of social outings scheduled with some nice guys here in Charotte as well as cities. The theme for October is Good Clean Fun. I plan on having fun this month, no worries, just having fun, being carefree (within reason) and loving life.

More later...I'm exhausted


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