Going Green (In honor of Blog Action Day)

Going Green…seems to be the theme for 2007. I’m definitely happy that people are finally jumping on the bandwagon. I say finally, because I feel as if I have been living a fairly eco-friendly existence thus far in my life. Let me explain, I have been vegan since birth. Being vegan opens you up to a lot of new experiences, one of which is becoming more aware of the environment. Most of the food I eat is organically grown and packaged in biodegradable containers. Recycling is second nature. When I was growing up, mom never used pesticides in her garden, only the natural stuff. I have always celebrated Earth Day, and I’ve been worried about global warming before it became trendy. But regardless of all that…I’m pleased that we as a society are talking more of an interest in preserving this beautiful earth that God gave us. What’s the next step for you?


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