I'm Ready for My Closeup

So I have decided to implement video blogging into my repetoire of self publishing to the net. Lord help us all. I'm actually not all that exciting, but I figure I have access to a camera so why not. As proven by my digital pics from the wedding, I am dangerous with the picture taking...lol. My first episode should be up next week, I'll probably add it to Myspace and see what happens.

I have a fashion show tomorrow, I have my fitting tonight; but I desperately want to get in front of someone's camera for my next shoot...I need new photos badly...I am used to shooting several times a quarter, and I haven't shot since April or May. Totally unacceptable. We will see what happens...

More Than Sex finally returns Sunday. We took some time off but now we are back better than ever. Make sure you tune in and see what Curt and I discuss on Sunday.

Peace & Blessings


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