I Ain’t Scared of No Revolution…

Every generation needs a new revolution.”-Thomas Jefferson

I’m feeling that itch, that overwhelming need to make something happen. Change is not happening fast enough for me, I’m impatient when it comes to injustice. I’m annoyed by all those who love to hear the sound of their voice, but I never see the fruits of their so-called labor. I come from a long line of rebel rousers, revolutionaries who never accepted the status quo; yet, I feel as if the significance of all that sacrifice and suffering our ancestors toiled through is wasted upon my generation and even the next.

My generation is seemingly living the life---great economic and educational opportunities, advancements in every segment of society, ability to socially interact with all cultures, ethnicities and races without any hint of trepidation. In a word, we are free. But are we? The stench of the racism that our parents and grandparents endured has long been replaced with the fanciful, sweet smelling scent of forgetfulness. “Things have changed”…”Slavery is over”… “Stop blaming the white man”…those statements dance around in our heads, like the juke and jiving Sambo that many in this country still consider us.

And don’t think I’m just talking about Black people…All y’all brown folks better wake up as well…The divide and conquer technique has, pretty much, been successful. Keep the Asians afraid of the Blacks…Make sure the Blacks blame the Latinos for taking their jobs…Push the Latinos to hate the Blacks….And even a step further, Let’s accentuate the differences between all those ethnicities instead of the many shared experiences of oppression and survival. It’s time for solidarity within our own communities and with each other. As a matter of fact, it’s past time.

I don’t know about you, but I ain’t scared of no revolution…are you with me?


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