Loyalty and Lessons Learned

When money is involved, you find out who your friends are…or aren’t. There are two types of individuals in this world—those who take responsibility for their actions and those who don’t. Me, I try my hardest to be in the former category. We all come short sometimes and make mistakes, but the main thing is learning from the mistakes we have made and moving on. Holding on the things of the past does absolutely nothing…it only keeps you living in the past, reliving old worries and not allowing your present to take you to your future.

In the last few years, I have made some massive mistakes…nothing malicious, but mistakes nonetheless. I have made the colossal mistakes of trusting people who didn’t earn or deserve my trust, loving people who didn’t earn or deserve my love and trying to please people who didn’t earn or deserve my efforts. It’s a new day. That ends now. God has bestowed so many incredible blessings on me, and I need to start walking and living in my anointing. I know that I am on the right path because the enemy is placing stumbling blocks at every turn. But you know what...I rebuke those hindrances in the name of Jesus, my personal Lord and Savior.

I have worked hard, but I am nothing without the love and grace of the Lord and the fellowship of my friends and family, who not only believe in me…but actually KNOW me…not what they assume, not what people say behind my back, but actually know who I am as a person. For that I am thankful.

Special Shout out goes out the soul sister Ms. Onika Pascal…I got your messages girl, Thank you, thank you, thank you…Your words were right on time, and I could feel the love in my time of need. Keep being you.

Also to all of the people who have reached out after my father’s death, I don’t even have words for the depth of gratitude I feel. Just the daily checking up on me messages have meant the world to me. I appreciate you and all of the thoughts and prayers during this very difficult period in my life. It’s an ongoing struggle, but I am well equipped.


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