Simply Inspiring: Kevin Powell in Charlotte

Tuesday night, I had the privilege of listening to a lecture given by Kevin Powell; the presentation was sponsored by Johnson C. Smith as part of their lyceum series. This was so cool for me, especially as a writer and as someone who is very concerned with the current state of our community—both from a global and a more intimate perspective. Kevin’s words were not only inspirational but empowering; in addition, it helped to provide even more momentum for what Kirsten and I are trying to do with Mosaic Literary Center. Young men of color need help y’all. We are essentially living in a state of emergency and the faster that EVERYONE realizes this, the more support we can provide for these young men. Will the problems of the world cease tomorrow?... probably not. Nevertheless, we have to start somewhere, and I need everyone to step up to the plate and make it happen. This includes me. This is a call to action that involves us all stepping outside of our comfort zone and searching for ways to make a difference. A few posts back, I said that it is time for a revolution. The time is now.


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