Don’t Talk…Do

My father was a phenomenal entrepreneur. His business acumen was so sharp, that he could wrap up business deals with a single look or nod of the head. Pops was no joke. My mother has always been an entrepreneur. She has owned and operated restaurants, specialty boutiques, a catering and personal chef service and several successful non profits…not to mention being one of the first African American female booking agents in her day—working with the likes of the Ojays, Blue Magic and other Motown greats. So when I say that business is in my blood, I am quite serious. I think that is why hype talk and the every present “I’m doing big things” statement gets on my last nerves.

I am so irritated by those people who love to talk, talk, talk and talk about all the great things they are doing, but you never see the evidence of their so called hard work…I have several monikers, but I bet that there is a product attached to each one of those “titles” I (as well as others) assigned to me. For instance, I model, and guess what I have a resume and photos to prove it. I co-founded a magazine, guess what, 3 years and 12 printed issues later, I have something to show for all of my talk. I wanted to do a radio show, I rounded up one of my good friends, and one year later I have a successful track record of a year’s worth of shows that I not only co-host but produce. Not to mention I write, poetry, articles, web copy, you name it, I write it. But really this is not about all the stuff I do…it’s about people who are all talk and no action. People, just stop talking, and do something. There is nothing wrong with dreaming big; I do it all the time…nevertheless, when it is time to make those dreams a reality, take the opportunity to make it happen. Don’t just talk about it. Be about it.

Peace & Blessings


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