Obama Fundraising Recap / Birthday Weekend Preview

The birthday madness has begun, and I couldn’t have planned a better weekend. The festivities officially began yesterday at JSW Media Group’s first official event, an Obama for America Mix & Mingle at Loft 1523. The crowd was great, we garnered some good press (special thanks to Tonya Jameson from Charlotte Observer and Fox Charlotte for coning out) and most of all we raised a decent amount of money for the campaign. It was so incredible to be surrounded by individuals who not only championed change, but was eager for it too. It was nice to see people support something, instead of just throwing their hands up and saying, “who cares? It doesn’t really matter anyway.” True, those with that attitude may indeed consider themselves as realists; but being in the midst of the political process, engaging in healthy debate and letting your voice be heard is truly “keeping it real.” I digress…the whole vibe was cool due largely in part to DJ Badala spinning grooves so sweet, you couldn’t help but to nod your head and enjoy. I especially LOVED Badala’s special house remix to Obama’s Yes We Can song...pure hotness. Also, Lavish Catering did an amazing job providing us with all kinds of edible delights, so if you need a caterer for your next event, holla at me for the number. This event would not have event happened if it wasn’t for my partner in crime, otherwise known as JSW Media Group’s public image consultant, Erin Dunn…you did an incredible job Chica! Also, thanks to all the volunteers and just everyone in attendance. I was quite pleased in general with the turnout and quality of the affair. I think I’m ready for the next event already, lol. I’ll post photos and video from the event soon. Promise.

Tonight, there is the Art, Beats + Lyrics event at Center Stage in NoDa (arts district). Should be hot, it’s a fusion of hip hop art and culture. Should be fun. Tomorrow is my actual birthday (and it falls on a Saturday, woohoo!), I am supposed to be attending a bunch of stuff…but it just dawned on me…It’s my birthday, why don’t I just do whatever I want.

Gotta love life’s little epiphanies.

Until later…


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