Be careful what you ask for...I asked to be busy, and guess what? Prayers were answered, now I am just trying to keep up. So, yeah, I’ve TOTALLY been neglecting my blog. I know, BAD MEKA as Jan and Christopher would say; however, I do have a legitimate excuse—I’ve been busy. I have additional responsibilities at the day job as well as an increasingly escalating client base, that is serving as a true challenge…But I am truly loving every minute of it.

I PROMISE to do a real update after the madness of the CIAA weekend subsides. If you are in Charlotte tomorrow and Saturday for the games (and the parties), check me out…feel free to hit my email, goes straight to the phone:-) jameka (at) jswmediagroup.com

Events I am hosting with theENTERTAINMENT:
Paparazzi Friday
Saturday Style Day Party
Jazz Infusion

See you out and about!

"Creativity is a Drug I can't live without"


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