Power Struggle

I don't do sick well...I am NOT a good sick person. I'm often standoffish and beligerent when coughing, sneezing and experiencing all of the lovely cold and flu like symptons that accompany this time of year, welcome to spring ladies and gentlemen. . I'm, also, almost always in denial when I am under the weather; denial you ask? Basically, I have been sick for three days; however, I just accepted and acknowledged that I was actually ill after being forciable awaken at approximately 3:09 a.m. from the most hideous sinus headache that I have ever had the misfortune to experience. So, yeah, maybe I'm sick--I'll accept that (smh, talk about stubborn, I feel sorry for my future husband, lol).

Yet I march on...

But enough about my body aches, runny nose and stuffy head (sexy image right fellas). The last two weeks have been phenomenal both personally and professionally:

Professionally speaking:

All the events for CIAA were not only successful but just plain fun. Click below to see photos from all three events. Big ups to Marlon & Kenny from NC Image Zone for capturing everything on film (well digital)

Paparazzi Friday (2/27)- check back for photos

A huge congrats for hometown favs Johnson C. Smith University for claiming both the mens and womens championship titles for the tourney. Go Golden Bulls!

Special Thanks to everyone, including all of our sponsors who really pulled together to make everything a resounding sucess. But a big hug goes out to the fam: Dany, Ciara, Elise, Ayanna, Rocky, Jonell, Haleigh, Xavier, Tasha, Will, Marlon, Kenny and Nicole for just being supportive and getting the work done without hesitation...Love y'all.

Personally Speaking:

I love my sisters. Three of the four "Cherry" girls got the chance to hang out last week. Angel even helped out at the fashion show with makeup (love having talented siblings). Here is a pic from the festivities

"Creativity is a Drug I can't live without"


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